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Spectacular events turn dreams into reality, and the creators of these amazing events transform ideas into grand visions.

The remarkable speed in which these ‘structures’ are prepared is a testament to the organisations that build them.

When ‘Time is Everything’.

Whether it be a Dual in the Desert or a Tournament in the Tropics… The BOX Seat delivers the setup speed that helps get the temporary grandstands operational on time.  The clip-on BOX Seat provides rapid installation for event organisers who rely on efficiency to secure and deliver their business.

Which seat, the choice is yours…

When the show absolutely must go on… with the right seat, The BOX Seat offers a selection of seats from ‘General Admission’ to ‘VIP’, all of which fit to a single support structure. Each seat model is integrated into the system enabling the event organisers to select the right seat model for their customer.

Rack, Stack & Pack.

Compact light weight seats ensure efficient transportation. A 40ft container will fit up to 1600 seats, saving fuel costs and labour energy. The compact seat models maximise storage and minimise transport.










‘Lets go to the circus!

Better still, this rolling venue brings the experience to you. Given the travelling nature of this circus the choice for seating was clearly The BOX Seat resulting in a mobile marquee with ease o assembly and cushioned comfort seats.

‘Clash in the Dunes’

The ‘Clash in the Dunes’ arena was built exclusively for the heavy weight title match between Anthony Joshua and Andy Ruiz Jr.  This temporary arena accommodates 15,000 spectators on The BOX Seat 901 & 908 models.

Harbourside Opera

The site designers of Opera Australia’s Carmen in a bold endeavour constructed a stage practically floating on Sydney Harbour. The BOX Seat’s rapid installation lent itself exceptionally well to the challenge of completing the entire venue in just a few short weeks.

Speed up your event setup times?