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The BOX Seat 990 lifts the bar to the next level and combines quality with performance in a fully upholstered ‘tip-up’ seat. Finished in commercial grade leatherette fabrics, this VIP Director’s style chair integrates into the venue seating system by way of the same rail system, saving installation cost whilst enabling interchangeability or upgrade.

Highly customisable

The 990 model raises the standard in semi-upholstered spectator seating and offers many customisable features and finishes to compliment its environment. This model utilises commercial grade leatherette fabrics to combine quality with performance and provides the highest level of padding and comfort in The BOX Seat range.

Colour your world.

Designed for comfort

The ergonomic and anthropometric-focused design of The BOX Seat delivers the highest level of spectator comfort. The integrated cushion system in many models maintains the correct ergonomic profile and provides superior lumbar support. The cushion edge is also highly protected from ‘wear and tear’ by passers-by as it is recessed into the seat.

Lean back and enjoy.

Upgradeable to heated

The system heats the back & seat simultaneously. The user can adjust the warmth over three levels. A pressure sensor automatically identifies when the seat has been vacated and deactivates the heat. The power can be managed either individually or across a row of seats. The system concentrates the warmth on the user not the surrounding air like gas heaters, thus is highly energy efficient.

The warm welcome.

990 Upholstered

The BOX Seat 990 model is a high-backrest seating solution with a fully recessed upholstery system. This durable tip-up Members’-style seat utilises the same unique rail system as all of The BOX Seat models. The 990 model offers commercial grade leatherette fabrics to combine quality with performance.

Full of innovations

Innovation plays a pivotal role in the development of our seats, offering a range of compelling advantages. Every single element of our seats is meticulously designed with all the demands of the end-users as well as the venue owners taken into account, securing seats that tick all the boxes of a well-executed design.

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Horizontally adjustable

Rail system accomodates easy horizontal adjustment.

Plug & Play installation

‘Plug and Play’ install ensures your venue is ready on time.

Vertically adjustable

The Rail system is simply vertically adjusted where needed.

Seat numbering

Highly visible seat & row numbers ensure easy way-finding.

Interchangeable design

Dynamic sleeve interchange for replacement or upgrade.

Easy accessories

The models are easily upgraded with armrests and cupholders.

Compact for stacking

Easy storage for events and temporary venues.

Extremely durable

Produced with heavy duty polymer & strict quality controle.

UV-light & Fire retardant

Available with certificates on Fire Retardancy and UV-protection.

Extensively tested

Maintenance-free tip-up mechanisme for total life cycle.

Preferred by great venues

These proudly selected showcases illustrate the variety of our trusted clients and partners. The 990 Range is equally at home beside the swimming pool, in a football stadium, or at an event like beach volleyball. It is used all over the world in inspiring locations, impressive venues and sensational events.

Interested in this 990 Range?

Interested in this 990 Range?
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Upgrade with Heating, Armrests & Cupholders and Tables

990 Heated

Premium ‘tipup’ VIP seating in a colourful selection of leatherette upholstery.

995 Players

The race-style player seats provide superior comfort in your player-section.

Armrests & cupholders

Smart and versatile armrests and cupholders to add to the comfort.

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