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D&G Stadium

Kaunas, Lithuania
Darius and Girėnas stadium is a multiuse venue that can accommodate more than 15,000 spectators. As the largest stadium in the Baltic states, it is also the first in Lithuania to comply with UEFA regulations.

Designed by esteemed architect Santiago Calatrava, who choose a concrete grey colour pallet for the 901 model in General Admission, the 908 model in Hospitality and 990 model for the premium VIP seats, His vision was ‘Let the spectators and athletes shine and give colour to the venue’.

The compact design of the 901 model has maximised the row clear-way and as a result has delivered a wealth of benefits such as decreasing the time taken to reach the vendor facilities. Whilst the VIP’s are treated to The BOX Seat 990 Model, a fully upholstered seat with armrest, adding a touch of luxury on a winters evening.