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Accessories & Go-in-Style

The BOX Seat offers functional solutions for Armrests, Cupholders and Tables. Additionally folding armrest offer access and egress walkway space. The cup holders fit all seat models. And there are tables for press and commentators as well as hospitality.

Take a moment to download the Armrest and Cup holder brochure.

Take a moment to download the Armrest and Cup holder brochure.

Cup holder

The backrest mounted cup holder fits all seat models and is vertically adjustable along the backrest in some seat models.

Zigzag armrest

The Zigzag armrest is a compact tough clip on arm, removing the need for a complicated tip-up arm. The Zigzag armrest can be optioned to included a pad for soft touch comfort. The Zigzag armrest can also be fitted with a cupholder.

Cuparm fold-away

The Cuparm fold-away armrest is a unique robust solution to armrest & cup holders for mobile seating stands or in tight tread depths. The fold-away version of the Cuparm will compactly fit between the seats in a tight rack temporary grandstand system.

Fold-Away Tablet Table

The ‘Fold-Away’ tablet table offers a large writing surface built into the armrest. The desk size tablet table is the largest available. Installation is a simple fixing to the seat rail so it can be removed for spectator seating or positioned for press and media seating as required.

Pivot armrest

The patent automatic Pivot armrest is the ultimate in self tip compact armrests. Simply stand up from the seat and the armrest pivots into the upright position with the seat tip movement. The Pivot armrest can be fitted with a cupholder.

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