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Sit or Stand, the choice is yours.

The BOX Seat unique safe standing solutions provide a durable economic seat integrated with a tough safe standing handrail. We offer various solutions to match the needs of your venue. Fixed safe standing, made to measure or Exchange safe standing to remove the seating when not in use.

Fixed Safe Standing

The ‘Fixed’ safe stand rail solution is versatile and may be optioned to curve the vertical support backward for both positioning of the standing spectator or aesthetics, additionally the lockbar can be replaced with a locking strap secured below the seat rail when not in use thus accomodating more compact tread depths.

Exchange Safe Standing

The ‘Exchange’ safe stand rail offers a versatile use of the region. Position either a Hand Rail or a Seat Rail, alternatively remove both and the region may be used for event space management. Note the riser mount bracket is practically flush to the surface leaving the tread clear for alternative use. Additionally position a crowd control rail every second tread whereby leaving the open tread clear to walk without tripping over fixed mount footings.

Take a moment to download the Safe Standing brochure and read or share all of the features.
Take a moment to download the Safe Standing brochure and read or share all of the features

Los Angeles FC

The sturdy BOX Seat 901 model with soft ‘tip-up’ action flows seamlessly row to row throughout the expansive general admission areas. The stadium’s seating is at 34 degrees, which makes it among the steepest in Major League Soccer. The BOX Seat safe-standing rails offer the perfect solution to secure the safety of the spectators.

Birmingham FC

Fan suggestions to improve the match-day atmosphere have been answered and after years of seats-only stadium designs, Safe Standing has made its return into British football. Our Safe-Standing solution carries the approval of the Sports Grounds Safety Authority (SGSA).

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