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Effortless integration

The BOX Seat is a leading event seating and temporary seating manufacturer, producing premium seats that effortlessly integrate into various settings, whether it be the golf course, race track, or a temporary stadium in the desert. Events that rely on annually installed seating arrangements count on The BOX Seat advancements such as the quick strap fixing method and simple rail connections that reduce the time needed for setting up and taking down the structure.


“The BOX Seat’s rapid installation facility lent itself exceptionally well to the challenge of completing the entire outdoor venue in just a few short weeks.”
Eamon D’Arcy, Carmen Site Designer.

One size fits all

The BOX Seat offers an extensive range and experience in Event and Temporary seating. The idea begins with the category of seat required and culminates into a range of mobile event & temporary seating that is compact to transport and rapid to install. The BOX Seat is a hospitality seat, a VIP seat, and a general admission seat all in one unique system.

Something for everyone.

Versatility for all events

The BOX Seat works closely with you to provide the best fit and fixture to connect with the terrace platform system, keeping the components simple and versatile, whilst maintaining a rapid installation formula. The BOX Seat patented rapid Strap system fits stands with all seat versions, ranging from VIP to General Admission spectators. The system allows fast seat exchange, and the versatility to connect any seat to any stand.

Fit to any terrace platform.

Smart Stillages

The BOX Seat is designed to fit compactly into a stillage rack for efficient storage. The seats close to protect the sitting surfaces and the stillage is engineered to protect the seats during transport. The BOX Seats compact form and tailor made transportation systems get your seating delivered on time and on cost.

Rack, Stack & Pack.

Saves time saves money

Yearly events that invest in seating assembled each year rely on The BOX Seat, its temporary system has cut the time taken to erect and dismantle the seating by more than half.

Popular in General Admission

The BOX Seat 901 models are the ‘elementary’ version of The BOX Seat range; it’s everything you need and nothing you don’t. Equally at home beside the swimming pool, high up in a stadium grandstand or stacked into a temporary event tribune. The BOX Seat 901 Model range consists of the 901 Polymer, the 901 Plus and the 901 Padded.

Hospitality event seating

The BOX Seat 908 Model offers exceptional durability and comfort for hospitality level events. With the choice of Padded or High-back options, it caters perfectly to the high standards of hospitality level customers.

For the VIP

The BOX Seat 990 model combines quality with performance in a fully upholstered ‘tip-up’ seat, finished in commercial grade leatherette fabrics.  The 990 model is a masterful blend of superior design and beautiful craftsmanship. This VIP seat is compact to transport yet provides the ultimate in spectator comfort.

Take a moment to download the Event & Temporary brochure and discover the vast applications.

Take a moment to download the Event & Temporary brochure and discover the vast applications.

Formula 1 Grand Prix Las Vegas

Located directly in front of the Bellagio Fountains, built almost entirely over the water, the Bellagio Fountain Club was erected. This luxurious VIP grandstand offered the spectators a trackside view on the strip, whilst enjoying several luxury features such as live entertainment, race car simulators, a restaurant and bar with the finest food and drinks.

Let’s go to the circus!

Better still, this rolling venue brings the experience to you. Given the travelling nature of this circus the choice for seating was clearly The BOX Seat, resulting in a mobile marquee with ease of assembly and cushioned comfort seats.

Clash on the Dunes

The ‘Clash on the Dunes’ arena was built exclusively for the heavy weight title match between Anthony Joshua and Andy Ruiz Jr.  This temporary arena accommodates 15,000 spectators on The BOX Seat 901 & 908 models.

Harbourside Opera

In a bold endeavour the site designers of Opera Australia’s Carmen constructed a stage practically floating on Sydney Harbour. The BOX Seat’s rapid installation lent itself exceptionally well to the challenge of completing the entire venue in just a few short weeks.

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