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Jysk Park

Silkeborg, Denmark

Jysk Park, situated in Silkeborg, Denmark, is a state-of-the-art football stadium renowned for its innovative design and well-thought-out seating arrangements. Officially opened in 2017, the stadium presents a sleek, contemporary architectural style characterized by a dynamic interplay of metallic and glass elements, giving it a modern and sophisticated appearance. The exterior design is not only visually striking but also functional, enhancing the overall aesthetic and providing durability.

Jysk Park stands out not just for its cutting-edge design and efficient seating configuration but also for its commitment to providing a top-tier experience for football fans and visitors alike. It has quickly become a significant landmark in Silkeborg, reflecting the city’s passion for football and its dedication to sports excellence.

Inside, the stadium can accommodate approximately 10,000 spectators. The seating is meticulously designed to offer excellent sightlines and maximum comfort, ensuring that every fan has a clear and engaging view of the action on the pitch. The seating layout promotes an intimate atmosphere, with the stands close to the field, creating a more immersive and exciting experience for fans. This proximity to the players and the game itself fosters a strong connection between the team and its supporters.

The BOX Seat was able to provide a beautiful range of models to cover the different sections in the stadium; The 901 Polymer for General Admission, the 908 Padded for Hospitality and the 908 Highback for Players. All seats are placed in patterns of a fresh selection of four colours, creating a playful view in this modern stadium.

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