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F1, Bellagio Fountain Club

Las Vegas, USA

The Las Vegas Grand Prix, a highlight of the Formula One calendar, combines the thrill of high-speed racing with the opulence of the city’s iconic landmarks. Spectators at the Bellagio Fountain Club enjoy a unique vantage point, with breathtaking views of both the race and the mesmerizing Bellagio Fountains, offering an unparalleled blend of entertainment.

Fans seated in the grandstands experience the roar of engines and the rush of adrenaline up close, with strategically placed stands ensuring optimal views of the track’s most exciting segments. This fusion of world-class motorsport, luxurious amenities, and Las Vegas’ legendary attractions creates an unforgettable experience for fans and visitors alike.

During the race, the grandstand offered a luxurious experience for VIP guests and general spectators alike. VIP guests were treated to exceptional comfort with the installation of the 908 Highback seats, providing premium support and an enhanced viewing experience. These seats ensured that VIP attendees could enjoy the race in utmost comfort and style. For the larger grandstands flanking the VIP sections, the 901 Polymer seats were utilized. These seats, designed for durability and comfort, accommodated the broader audience, ensuring that all spectators could enjoy the electrifying atmosphere of the race. The blend of luxury and practicality in the seating arrangements highlighted the event’s commitment to providing a top-tier experience for all attendees.