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Emirates Stadium, Arsenal FC

London, United Kingdom

Our BOX Seat 908 Model was the chosen seating solution to furnish the magnificent, multimillion dollar Emirates Stadium, home ground to the Arsenal FC and one of the most architecturally advanced arenas in world football (winning the Mayor of London’s award for “Planning Excellence” in 2006).

The choice of the innovatively designed, highly compact fully padded seat has resulted in numerous benefits for the “Emirates”. As well as providing unparalleled spectator comfort, the BOX Seat’s capability to provide the widest “clearway space” between venue seating in the world vastly improves health and safety conditions and exponentially increases revenue through easier vendor accessibility.

 The arena’s merchandise sales are up 500% from its previous venue sales, with a large portion of this increase strongly attributed to the superior design of the BOX Seat.

“The best feature for me is the seats. We’re the only outdoor stadium in the world, I believe, which has fully upholstered seats for everybody.”
John BeattieArsenal FC ‘Emirates Stadium’ Manager 2006