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Grand Stade du Havre

Le Havre, France

Built with the vision of constructing a venue that would stand as a “new ideal” of Football stadia in France, the new Grand Stade du Havre assumes a prominent position in the City of Le Havre. Planners worked to deliver a stadium that would remain true to Le Havre’s traditions as the oldest football team in France, yet greatly enhance future business and cultural prospects both for the club and the community.

The BOX Seat is used throughout the arena for general admission, VIP and even the exterior retractable end stand seating, allowing for a stage to be erected off the pitch for concerts and other revenue-generating opportunities. The club’s Chief Executive, Alain Bolsoeur, states that the challenge now for the venue is in delivering a sensational spectator experience to match the phenomenal facilities within it.

“Looking at their track record, it’s evident that The BOX Seats are going to be durable; they’re going to survive. They also deliver real comfort. That’s great news for us. I like that.”
Andrew WilliamsClub Consultant at Le Havre Stadium