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Extraordinary experiences

The masterminds responsible for special events like the Olympics and FIFA World Cup are the visionary’s who turn dreams into reality, creating everlasting moments that leave an indelible mark on history.

We have been part of the seating since the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games which witnessed the largest ever seated Olympic stadium in history. Engineering a world-first rail seating system which provided the comfort for over 116,000 spectators.

Today, we offer state-of-the-art seating technology that not only ensures utmost comfort but also excels in terms of operational resilience and economic feasibility.

UEFA Women

Stadium MK using the 908 Model Padded was selected as one of the hosts for the prestigious UEFA Women’s CUP, making it the focal point of the largest women’s European sport event in history. A record-breaking crowd of 27,445 watched the UEFA Women battle it out at the Stadium MK.

Tokyo Olympics

Tokyo Summer Olympics were an unprecedented demonstration of unity as the world came together for the first time following the pandemic. The Tokyo Games showcased the introduction of new sports that strengthened the timeless appeal of the Olympic Games. Tokyo’s Equestrian Park utilising the 901 Model was an amazing demonstration of a purpose built facility just for the equestrian event.

London Olympics

Horse Guard’s Parade in central London played host to the ever-popular Beach Volleyball at the London Summer Olympics. The venue housed more than four sittings per day, accommodating over 500,000 spectators throughout the event, making it the most used seating of the whole games.  Spectators  enjoyed the comfort of both The BOX Seat 901 in general admission and the 908 model padded in the VIP and Royal zones

FIFA World Cup

The BOX Seat 908 Polymer was installed for the FIFA World Cup, which took place at the Cape Town Stadium, purpose-built for this global occasion. The BOX Seat increased the fixed seating capacity for the duration of the tournament and was the special ‘semi-permanent’ seating model specified by FIFA for this World Cup event.

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