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We specialise in the creation and production of seating for renowned venues worldwide, including Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium in the United Kingdom, ATP Tennis in Hamburg, Germany, and Sporting Kansas City in the USA. With a rich experience of over 25 years, we have continuously innovated and introduced pioneering solutions, such as the curved seating rail for the 2000 Olympics.

During the 1990s, establishments faced challenges in maintaining profitability. They communicated to us that revenues generated on match days were insufficient to cover their operational expenses.

It was evident to us that Stadiums, Concert Halls, and Arenas had evolved into the focal point of a community, serving as a gathering place for friends, family, and neighbours. Therefore, we understood the importance of taking action to support the commercial viability of these venues.

Compact tight folding

With this goal in mind we developed a compact folding seat that delivered a better experience for the spectator by providing higher level of comfort and most importantly its compact tight folding design created a wider clearway along the seat rows. This wider walkway facilitated greater access to the food and drink stalls, which in turn increased match-day income beyond anything we had expected.

Fast start-up & shut-down

Additionally the wider clear-way resulted in faster start-up and shut-down times as the spectator could get to and from their seat quicker, culminating in a more enjoyable hassle free experience and a substantial operational saving for the venue as it could open later on match day and close sooner after the game, switching off expensive lighting and sending the staff home earlier.

These attributes resulted in a substantial revenue increase, acclaimed by one customer to be over 500% in match-day sales and operational cost benefits.

“The best feature for me is the seats. We’re the only outdoor stadium in the world, I believe, which has fully upholstered seats for everybody.”
John BeattieArsenal FC ‘Emirates Stadium’ Manager 2006

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